“Murmurs” is a long term photographic series started in 2012. Since moving back to Hong Kong after living abroad for more than a decade, I have been faced with the harsh reality of finding a place to call home in an outrageously unaffordable housing market. The basic human needs for shelter have long been commodified and speculated in this, one of the freest economies in the world, where many dream of getting on the bandwagon of ever increasing home prices. With constant developments on new residential complexes and infrastructure, the urban landscape of Hong Kong is also constantly being transformed and expanded. At the forefront of the urban transformation are the construction sites where new apartments and dreams are being made. Over the past many years, I have wandered into construction sites and new residential complexes, usually during the wee hours of the night when all the activities and the heavy machines are stopped, leaving unfinished facades and concrete skeletons standing in silence with the murmurs of a new dawn when deals will be made, vows and promises, fulfilled.