Interplay is a collaboration with Dr. LAM Miu Ling of School of Creative Media at the City University of Hong Kong.

Interplay is a two-channel animation projected on a custom fog screen. The installation is a critical experiment exploring the hybridization of digital and analogue works. Miu first created a custom fog screen that enabled the materialization and presentation of digital images (pixels). Kaho then created animations based on his perceived understanding of the system. When the animation was put to the test, the fog scattered the light and distorted the images. The 'turbulence' of the fog's air flows intervened with Kaho's original animation, creating new illusions and image associations, giving birth to new narratives. The notion of causality is wholly eradicated, as the process repeats itself indefinitely.

Without any preconceived story plot, the fleeting movements of the fog and the extruded light beams first conjures up images of a boat in a dark ocean with a lighthouse. Kaho has created such images and projected them onto the fog screen. From there, further ideas were conceived - a man floating in space, more animations are made, projected, modified, and the whole process repeated iteratively. The result is a series of animations connected together less by causality than poetic potentials.

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